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People, Indigenous communities

 “My life in Sarawak, the Ranee of Sarawak,” BROOKE Margaret(in French Reine des coupeurs de Têtes), Editions Olizane, Genève, 2000, 255 p.

“Iban Ritual textiles”, GAUVIN Traude, Singapore university Press, 2004, 356p

« Bornéo, Des “chasseurs de têtes aux écologistes “», GUERREIRO Antonio and COUDERC  Pascal, Ed. Autrement, Paris , 1991, 219 p. (FRENCH)

“Borneo a photographic Journey”, LAU Denis, Travelcom Asia, 1999, 98 p, 115 photos.

« Peoples and traditions », M.KEDIT  Peter, The Encyclopedia of Malaysia, Didier Millet Ed. , Kuala Lumpur, 2006, p90-94.

“Dream Weavers of Rumah Garie”, Video, Mac LANAHAN David 2006, Jungle Arts and Flora,

« Voix de la forêt pluviale », MANSER BrunoGeorg, Genève Ed. , 1994, 314 p. (FRENCH)

« Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo », MULLER Karl ,Indonesia Travel Guide, Ed. Periplus, Singapore, 1990, 201 p

“Sarawak, Thrills and Treasures of Historical Landmarks”, MUNAN Heidi, Marshall Cavendish Ed., Malaysia, 63p

“The Orang Asli and the Contest for resources, Indigenous Politics, Development and Identity in peninsuar Malaysia”, NICHOLAS ColinCOAC Ed. Subang Jaya, Malaysia, 2000, 285 p.

 “Pua, Iban Weavings of Sarawak”, ONG Edric ,Society Atelier Sarawak Ed , Kuching, 1986, 105p.



CHITA’HAE, Culture, Crafts and Customs of the Hma Meri in Kampung Sungai Bumbon, Pulau Carey”, Tompoq Topoh, COAC Ed, Subang Jaya, Malaysia, 2007, 33p.


Heritage and History

“Malaysian Moments, a Pictorial Retrospective”, BARBER Andrew, C.Barber Ed., 2007, 64p.

“Malaya, The making of a nation, 1510-1957”, BARBER Andrew, C.Hart Ed., 2008, 132p.

“Where Monsoons meet, a  People’s History of Malaya”, CHOO Foo Yoong, LEE Khek Mui and LOW Swee HeongGrassroots Publishers, 2007, 174 p.



“Penang, Through Gilded Doors”, Julia DE BIERRE & James BAIN SMITH, Areca books ED., Penang, Malaysia, 2006, 149p. French Edition available, “Penang la porte des secrets”.

“Building Merdeka, Independence Architecture in Kuala Lumpur, 1957-1966” KIEN Lai, Petronas Ed., 2007, 137 p.

“The Blue Mansion, the Story of Mandarin Splendour Reborn”, LOH-LIM Lin Lee, L’Plan Ed., Peang, Malaysia, 2002, 62p.

“Thrills and Treasure of Historical Landmarks”, Sarawak, MUNAN Heidi, Marshall Cavendish, Malaysia, 64p

See also Badan Warisan publications

Arts and Crafts

“Songket, Satu Warisan Malayisa”, Abd AZIZ RASHID, Siti ZAINOUN Ismail, MAXWELL Robyn,Petronas ED., 1999, 68 p.

“Southeast Asian Textiles”, Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore, Quick Guides, 2008, 12p

“An introduction to the traditional costumes of Sabah”, LASIMBANG Rita and MOO-TAN Stella, Natural History Publications Ed., Kota Kinabalu, 1997 , 115 p.

 “Beads of Borneo”, MUNAN Heidi, Didier Millet Ed;, Singapore, 2005, 144p.

 “Herencia Textil de Malasia”, ONG Liang Bin ,Exhibition Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombiano, Santiao de Chile, 15 dec. 2003-31 jan. 2004, National Art Gallery Ed;, Kuala Lumpur

 “Batik Malaysia, a Living Heritage”, RAJA Fuziah bte Raja Tun Uda, Ed. Petrobas, Kula Lumpur, 2007, 120p. 

Children and the whole family

tourists-by-lat“Kampung Boy”, “Town Boy” and “Kampung Boy : Yesterday and Today” , LAT, Berita Publishing, Kuala Lumpur from 1980 untill 2009. Also edited in other countries and other languages than English (Kampung boy and Town Boy are available in France, Tête de Rock Underground Ed.). Highly recommended and cheap if bought in Malaysia (until Feb.09, you can purchase it for less  tha 3 euros for 1 comic book ). Good link to know more about LAT :

“Payah”, LIM H.L. Margaret, Fairy Bird Ed., Children’s books, Kuching Sarawak, 2005, 32 p.

“Four eyes” another Payah Adventure, LIM H.L. Margaret, Fairy Bird Ed., Children’s books, Kuching Sarawak, 2006, 40 p.

“Precious Jade and Turnip head” Payah’s third adventure, LIM H.L. Margaret Fairy Bird Ed., Children’s books, Kuching Sarawak, 2007, 44 p.

Fatimah’s Kampung, BUCHANAN Iain, Consumers’ Association of Penang Ed., 2008, 120 p.

“Fun with Chinese Festivals”, HUAY PENG Tan, Ed. Marshall Cavendish Ed, Singapore, 91p

“Iban stories”, MUNAN Heidi , 2005, Utusan Ed., Kuala Lumpur, 88p.

“Gateways to Asian Games”, 2006, Asiapac books, Singapore   as well as the other books from the Gateways serie  


“Wildlife Guide Malaysia”, Globetrotter, OON Helen, New Holland Publishers, 2008, 160p

“Sabah colour guide Kinabatangan”, HUTTON Wendy, Natural History publications (borneo) Ed. , Kota Kinabalu, 2004, 100 p  more books about Borneo form the same editor at

“Travels in the Malaysian Rainforest”, TEONG JIN Tan, Blue Mountain Press Ed., Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 2006, 248 p.



“The Harmony Silk Factory”, Tash Aw, 2005, fiction : the story of Johnny Lim, a Chinese-Malaysian man during and after World War II, adventures, love and betrayals through the Kinta Valley. official website  :

“Evening is the whole day”, Preeta Samarasan, 2008, fiction : the hopes and dreams of a Indian immigrant family living in Gopeng caught up in Malaysia’s troubled post-colonial history.


“Off the Edge”, Culture, Lifestyle and politics montlhy Magazine published by The Edge Communication Sdn. Bhd. Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Email:  website :

“Malaysian Naturalist”, Malaysian’s Nature, Indigenous and Wildlife quarterly magazine published by Malaysian Nature Society, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Email

“Pencita Alam”, the monthly newsletter of Malaysian Nature Society, available online at

“Heritage Asia”, Asia Heritage and History quarterly magazine, published by MPH Group, Magazine, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Emails : or

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Written by C.Bossis, Kuala Lumpur, 2 February 2009

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