“Witness to history : How the French lost the Mousquet in the 1914 Battle of Penang “
by  Dr. John R Robertson”, Saturday 3 April 2010, at 4.00pm at  E&O Hotel, Georges Town, Penang. Organized by the Penang Heritage Trust

The story of the four  French warships that had the task of patrolling the northern Malacca Straits and the defence of Penang harbour at the beginning of WW1, has never been told or written about before, except as a passing reference about the daring exploits of Emden. Examination of the archives reveals a story that is every bit as dramatic as the sinking of Zhemtchug. It is full of human interest and great heroism by Mousquet’s French crew, many of whom gave their lives. This story is quite new, and deserves our attention, adding much to Penang’s already colourful heritage.

Dr Robertson is a retired Consultant Psychiatrist from Charing Cross Hospital academic department in London, which is part of the Imperial College Medical School. He also served for several years in Britain’s Royal Navy. Since he retired he has become a member of the Penang Heritage Trust, and spends several weeks each year on the Island. He has an academic background having been an examiner, tutor, and Sub-Dean of Britain’s Royal College of Psychiatrists. He has much research and teaching experience.