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I am currently in Malaysia, checking out new responsible tourism destinations and initiatives.

After spendind 2 days in Malacca with Serge Jardin (the Snail House), I relaxed  2 days with my family at the Sunset Beach Resort in Langkawi.

I am going tomorrow to Penang to check out the new bunch of heritage boutique hotels and B&B newly opened since 2009 .  If in a hurry check them out  on Penang Tourism Information website  and on Tripadvisor for customers reviews.

Then I will travel to Sabah.

Pandu Perlahan WIP




We are working very hard to improve Greenselipar. 

After this first year and reaching more than 20 000 visitors, we need to think about Greenselipar’s future.

I am now in Europe for a few month to meet the professionals of Responsible Tourism there and find out how to strengthen and develop the project. 

Sorry, but you won’t find many events and news in Malaysia. Our good adresses are still available on line : check them out through the menu on top or through the categories.

Enjoy Malaysia.

For Earth Day KLUE selected Greenselipar among the 10 Top Green initiatives in Malaysia.



Check it out on KLUE website






Catherine (left) has been interviewed by Shazmin Shamsuddin (right), presenter of ‘The Big Picture” on BFM 89.9, ‘the Business Station’ , on Thursday 16th of April 2009.

To listen to the 20mn  Podcast :

Shaz invited the auditors to tellabout Greenselipar to ten of their friends, who should then tell to 10 of their friends….Thanks a lot Shaz.

We need you guys to tell your friends about

Greenselipar’s selection of books, magazines, films, websites, about Malaysia is now available in the FAVOURITES page.

Here is our list of the day :

People, Indigenous communities

 “My life in Sarawak, the Ranee of Sarawak,” BROOKE Margaret(in French Reine des coupeurs de Têtes), Editions Olizane, Genève, 2000, 255 p.

“Iban Ritual textiles”, GAUVIN Traude, Singapore university Press, 2004, 356p

« Bornéo, Des “chasseurs de têtes aux écologistes “», GUERREIRO Antonio and COUDERC  Pascal, Ed. Autrement, Paris , 1991, 219 p. (FRENCH)

“Borneo a photographic Journey”, LAU Denis, Travelcom Asia, 1999, 98 p, 115 photos.

« Peoples and traditions », M.KEDIT  Peter, The Encyclopedia of Malaysia, Didier Millet Ed. , Kuala Lumpur, 2006, p90-94.

“Dream Weavers of Rumah Garie”, Video, Mac LANAHAN David 2006, Jungle Arts and Flora,

« Voix de la forêt pluviale », MANSER BrunoGeorg, Genève Ed. , 1994, 314 p. (FRENCH) Read the rest of this entry »

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