A site

  • That will collate information on Malaysia’s sustainable travel destinations and projects.
  • That will connect travellers with organisations that help to conserve local culture, art and heritage, support local community projects or reduce the negative environmental impacts of tourism.

Greenselipar’s objectives are

  • To provide easy access to the information required to build a “sustainable” journey in Malaysia for an aware and concerned traveller.
  • To promote and support sustainable nature and community-based tourism projects that currently exist in Malaysia.
  • To encourage further initiatives in sustainable tourism in Malaysia.

Who we are

The initiative started in Kuala Lumpur, driven by two expats who were living in Kuala Lumpur, Serina and Catherine (learn more at the FAQ page). Prema, who is Malaysain joined us later as well as local volunteers contributors.

We are volunteers and independent. We don’t sell any by or related products, we are free of our reviews and responsible of our opinions.

Each of the projects featured in Greenselipar relates the author’s first-hand. We do not receive any money, gifts, tokens or favours of any kind from anybody.We paid the same fees that any traveller would have paid for the hotel, guesthouse, visit or service. We do our best to provide accurate and updated information with no influence of any kind from any professional or public corporation.

If you wish to share your contacts and sustainable travel tips in Malaysia, feel free to contact us by sending a message to

Green What?

greenseliparlogoSelipar means ‘slipper’ in Malay. This is the most common footwear worn by Malaysian men, women and children. It represents relaxed travel, leaves light footprints and must be taken off as a mark of respect before entering a Malaysian home.

It is the ideal travel accessory and souvenir from Malaysia.

Written by C.Bossis, Kuala Lumpur.

Permission granted to reproduce for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited.