This page leads you to initiatives, articles or links selected by the Greenselipar team with the aim of helping you to discover or re-discover Malaysian art. 

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Already on line

The Society AtelierKuching Sarawak, conducts research and promotes the traditional craft of Sarawak, especially weaving. 

The Annexe Gallery at Central Market, Kuala Lumpur : art gallery and performances just next door to Central market.

They Art Studio is a urban art gallery in Central Market Annexe building in Kuala Lumpur. You can purchase “art graffiti” on canvas and meet Mistawhy the young and enthusiastic artist who manages the gallery.

LaT helloIf we consider that comic books are part of Art (I do), please don’t come back home without at least having read one of LAT’s comics. We warmly recommend Kampung Boy and Town Boy, his two comics about its youth near Ipoh. Although LAT is one of the most famous Malaysians in Malaysia, he has no website. 

Coming soon

Rimbun Dahanis a centre for the development of traditional and contemporary art forms. Visit the permanent art exhibition, the traditional Malay house, in an indigenous garden environment.

Sutra Dance TheatreIndian dance academy founded by Malaysian dancer Ramli: classical, traditional and modern dance. 

The Temple of Fine Arts, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur : a NGO whose aim is to help Malaysian youth rediscover the cultural, artistic and spiritual wealth of their Indians forefathers and to make it relevant for themselves and for future generations to come. To enjoy performing arts and take Indian music or dance courses. 

Recommended links

Time Out Kuala Lumpur, information site on what happens in KL : exhibition, concerts, cinema, performing arts, etc..

Kakiseni information portal on Malaysian arts scene

Check the program of KL Pac , Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center, a beautiful place located in Sentul Park in Kuala Lumpur.

Check the program of the Malaysian Philarmonic Orchestra located in KLCC (at the foot of the famous KL twin towers

The Blue Karipap (BKP) : a crazy animated series with Kuala Lumpur as the background. It’s a Malaysian cultural and ethnical mixture to be enjoyed with no moderation. 

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