This page is dedicated to people who travel with children. 

 Calling all grandparents, parents, uncles, aunties, friends of the family… anyone willing to share their sustainable travel experiences with the kids.   


Young kids are a wonderful link between you and the local community. Malaysians like children and they are always welcome. Most kids under the age of 7 have no taboos, no language problems and gravitate easily towards other kids. Most of them enjoy playing with others. It’s a great opportunity for the children traveling with you to meet Malaysian children, to share their games, to discover ‘new’ local games, try a bit of the local languages (Malay, Tamil, Chinese dialects, and indigenous dialects and languages) or test their ability to speak English. They will definitely make friends and have a memorable time in Malaysia.


We will soon be able to share our selection of tips on traveling with kids, favorites sights and advice. 



The following initiatives already online are suitable with children :


Museum Volunteers Malaysia Kuala Lumpur guided tours of National Museum Kuala Lumpur. (HERITAGE)

Pura Tanjung Sabtu : a royal homestay of centuries-old Terengganu Malay timber houses located in Tanjung Sabtu village, 14 km from Kuala Terangganu on Malaysia’s east cost. (HERITAGE)

The Flying Rhino guesthouse and eco-tours in Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor, on the foot of Fraser Hill.(NATURE, COMMUNITIES)

Malaysian Nature Societyprovides nature oriented activities for adult and children .(NATURE)

Gopeng Rainforest Resorta family managed eco-guesthouse in a traditional malay wooden house, with outdoor and nature activities for adult and kids, Gopeng, Perak.(NATURE, COMMUNITIES)

The SEMAI of Ulu Geroh: A memorable trail in the jungle with a Semai guide: a unique opportunity to see rare and endangered Rafflesia and Raja Brookes butterflies in the Malaysian Peninsula, Gopeng, Perak. Kids enjoy it.(NATURE, COMMUNITIES)

Tompoq Topoh Mau Meri Women’s workhop, Pulau Carey, Selangor , just 1h30 from KL (COMMUNITIES)

The Annexe Gallery at Central Market, Kuala Lumpur : art gallery and performances just next door to Central market.(ART)

They Art Studio is a urban art gallery in Central Market Annexe building in Kuala Lumpur. (ART)

Fatimah’s Kampung, an illustrated book for children about Malaysian cultural and natural heritage loss as a result of economic development and modernity.

Kuching and Sarawak an ideal destination for your children : jungle, quiet beaches, orang utans, proboscis, friendly local communities…. My son favorite destination in Malaysia.

Greenselipar’s favorites books for children :

tourists-by-lat“Kampung Boy”, “Town Boy” and “Kampung Boy : Yesterday and Today” , LAT, Berita Publishing, Kuala Lumpur from 1980 untill 2009. Also edited in other countries and other languages than English (Kampung boy and Town Boy are available in France, Tête de Rock Underground Ed.). Highly recommended and cheap if bought in Malaysia (until Feb.09, you can purchase it for less  tha 3 euros for 1 comic book ). Good link to know more about LAT :

“Payah”, LIM H.L. Margaret, Fairy Bird Ed., Children’s books, Kuching Sarawak, 2005, 32 p.

“Four eyes” another Payah Adventure, LIM H.L. MargaretFairy Bird Ed., Children’s books, Kuching Sarawak, 2006, 40 p.

“Precious Jade and Turnip head” Payah’s third adventure, LIM H.L. Margaret,  Fairy Bird Ed., Children’s books, Kuching Sarawak, 2007, 44 p.

Fatimah’s Kampung, BUCHANAN Iain, Consumers’ Association of Penang Ed., 2008, 120 p. See Sharon’s review in Bibliobibuli 

“Fun with Chinese Festivals”, HUAY PENG Tan, Ed. Marshall Cavendish Ed, Singapore, 91p

“Iban stories”, MUNAN Heidi 2005, Utusan Ed., Kuala Lumpur, 88p.

“Gateways to Asian Games”, 2006, Asiapac books, Singapore   as well as the other books from the Gateways serie  

If you want to share with us your favourites feel free to send us your own review at

Written by C.Bossis, Kuala Lumpur, 19 january 09

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