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Organised by Crafthub for the Sarawak Craft Council and supported by the Sarawak Tourism Board, the event coincides with the Rainforest World Music Festival which has been attracting huge crowds from all over the world for 11 years – 12,000 persons attended in 2008!

The main focus of the Rainforest World Craft Bazaar is on the use of traditional materials and traditional skills enhanced by competent modern design.

Craft Bazaar 2009 Sarawak

Who are they and what they do

Fairview front doorThe Fairview is a family run guesthouse, ideal for the budget traveller and for families with children.
The World War II bungalow was the residence of a Chinese architect and businessman, Tan Sri Datuk William. It was turned into a guesthouse in 2003, first to keep the house alive, and secondly to generate income for its conservation, part of Kuching’s heritage.
Fairview is run by a local family, relatives of the late owner, Eric, Annie and Anson Yap. This friendly Kuching family will do their best to make you feel comfortable, and organize your journey throughout Sarawak. Read the rest of this entry »

ART ED recruitment
Bicycle trail  map creation with the Balik Pulau young cyclists from “Mountain & Village Crewz Balik Pulau” 
The map will highlight the significant local attractions in cultural and heritage assets such as scenery, farm, cottage industries, food, which are only accessible by bicycle.

WHEN?   June – August 2009 , Weekends ( depends on the schedule within the team which will be set later )
First cycling meeting 6 and 7 June ( Sat and Sun ) 8am -12 noon

WHERE?   Balik Pulau and neighbouring villages in Penang

Anyone who is interested in cycling in nature site and would like to share he/she knows through documentation to others

What criteria do I need to be part of the team? ?
Have your own transport to go to Balik Pulau and a bicycle to move around also you who like to share and work with young people

Call yoke pin at (+60) 4 -2633471 / +(60) 12- 3619113   
or email

See  Art-Ed WEBSITE for more info

Art Ed Balik Pulau

Heidi Munan mat weaver in longhouseMat-making is a skill known to every Borneo society. The rainforest abounds in suitable raw materials: reeds, leaves, barks or rinds. These ever-renewable fibres were fashioned into mats for everyday use; until the early 20th century few longhouse dwellers had furniture other than maybe a storage chest inside their family rooms. Sitting, eating, sleeping was done on the floor, on mats. Read the rest of this entry »

TODAY Greenselipar will be reaching 10 000 hits (9995 hits at this moment).
Even if Sunday is the quietest day of the week for Greenselipar – quite a good news because it could mean that our visitors go outdoor during Sunday or have family gathering – for sure we will reach the first 10 000 hits step today.

Some people would say “great!”, others will smile :), others will think it’s nothing.
I believe it’s a good first step, but NOW we have to stay focus on the next 10 000 hits and for this

WE NEED YOU : you can help promote Greenselipar by recommending the website to your friends and by promoting Greenselipar through the numerous e-tools like digg, google, facebook…(you surely better know than me), you can help us improve Greenselipar by to giving us your feedback (how do you like Greenselipar, what would you improve, what information you would like to find???) and support (it helps a lot).


  • local contributors and travellers keen to share about their Responsible Tourism  experiences in Malaysia and willing to write for Greenselipar.
  • A network of people in different parts of Malaysia to give input to Greenselipar updates, new projects, news, events, etc
  • People willing to help us in internet marketing and web development as we are not web developpers (and its only me behind the computer)


  •  to upgrade Greenselipar into a website and develop some interactive tools like maps, rating, educational tools..
  • to cover our expenses and boost our marketing and communication.

You want to be part of it,  please drop us an email at greenselipar@gmail.combaby turtle

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