Who are they and what they do


The Malaysian Nature Society has been contributing towards the protection of Malaysia’s natural heritage since 1940. A membership-based organisation, it has been the reason behind the protection of many key habitats as well as several national and state parks in Malaysia.

MNS works in a 4-prong approach towards habitat conservation: Conservation, Environmental Education, Publications and Parks. Education and awareness is MNS’ strongest pillar, with an emphasis on school children through project involvement and hands-on experience. Adults and youth are not forgotten however, as activities, trips, talks and workshops are held regularly by MNS volunteers to reach out to the average Malaysian and Malaysian visitor to introduce and enlighten them on the wonders of Malaysia’s natural heritage.

MNS also works with the government towards the protection of natural areas such as the Belum Temenggor Rainforest and contributes to the management of parks such as the Kuala Selangor Nature Park. The society also works with other NGOs and international organisations on species research such as the Hornbills of Belum Temenggor. There are many more plans underfoot to develop more projects on both marine and terrestrial species of Malaysia.

Every state in Malaysia has an MNS branch managed and run by passionate volunteers. Under each branch are a number of Special Interest Groups that focus on specific genres, species or habitats such as the Bird Group, the Cave Group, the Marine Group, the Green Living group, among others. In this way, everyone has a chance to explore and expand their interest and knowledge as there is so much to choose from and so many things to do. Every year a number of internationally-recognised events are held by various branches. Raptor Watch and the Festival of Wings are two such events that celebrate and commemorate the annual breathtaking migration of birds of prey.

What a traveller can experience

You can discover and appreciate Malaysia’s natural heritage and participate in a variety of events and activities either as a volunteer or a participant:

mns-hqMembers of the public, visitors to Malaysia and MNS members can participate in activities or volunteer for events by checking the website for the latest updates, signing up as a member for a nominal fee, joining an e-group or requesting for an online newsletter, The Pencinta Alam. It is a great way to meet passionate, friendly, like-minded people, have a bit of fun, learn a whole lot and do your little bit for the Malaysian environment –all at the same time.

MNS produces a quarterly magazine, The Malaysian Naturalist, a beautiful and informative showcase of local flora, fauna, green areas, tourism and indigenous people. The magazine can be found at any good bookshop in Malaysia. Other MNS publications, binoculars, camping gear and a variety of nature-related books and paraphernalia can be found at the Nature Owlet, located within the MNS headquarters building. 


While you’re there – take some time to explore the Heritage Trail, a short but richly biodiverse route through the adjacent rainforest teeming with myriad forms of tropical flora and fauna (start at MNS HQ carpark : there is a trail signboard and route map on the left.).


Call Jessie Ong at (+60) 3-22879422 (fax: +(60) 3-22878773) or email community@mns.org.my

MNS headquarter and shop at Bukit Persekutuan, JKR 641 Jalan Kelantan, 50480 Kuala Lumpur – Tel: +603 – 2287 9422, Fax: +603 – 2287 8773 e-mail: mns@mns.org.my

MNS website  for more information and links to the local MNS branch, their newsletters, e-groups and their Special Interest Groups.

Raptor Watch the annual festival celebrating the southward migration of hundreds of birds of prey. It takes place every second weekend of March at Tanjung Tuan, near Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. It is usually held at PNB Ilham Resort but it’s best to check the website for updates

To get in touch with the Nature Owlet (The MNS shop), email natureowlet@yahoo.com

How to go there

To get to MNS, take Jalan Travers away from Bangsar LRT towards the Muzium Negara. There will be a Caltex station on the left. After Balai Polis Travers (before Muzium Negara) take the left turn onto the highway. Drive past an entry to a condominium and onto the highway (Jalan Damansara) but keep left as you need to take the very first exit (about 25m down the road). The red and white bungalow on the right is MNS headquarters. It can be confusing… have a look at the map on MNS website.

Written by Serina Rahman, Kuala Lumpur, 21 Sept 08.
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