En Asie, le tourisme durable peine à émerger, Novethic.fr  newsletter, 9 January 09

Sorry this one is in French and there is only my name and no link to Greenselipar. But yes it’s one thing I said this day at the RT seminar organized by Taylor University and Wild Asia.


The title of the article could be translated as “Responsible tourism is emerging slowly in Asia.”

The article focuses on the concerns faced  by responsible tourism professionals and the core issues they need to address : environmental management, RT labels, better marketing and communication,more transparency  etc..

“Catherine Bossis, qui dirige un site d’information sur le tourisme responsable en Malaisie, insiste sur la confiance entre consommateurs et prestataires d’offre durable : « les vacances responsables sont plus chères, parfois trop. En contrepartie de ce supplément, il faut plus de transparence sur les retombées positives du tourisme durable. » 

“Catherine Bossis director of a website about  responsible tourism, insists on the needs for more transparency   “Responsible tourism can be more expensive, and sometimes not affordable. Travelers would be ready to pay more for a responsible tourism service if they are sure that this money is used for responsible management”. 

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Thanks to Helène Ledeunff,  from Singapore, who wrote the article.