THE LIGHT SHOW 2009, Light Sculpture Exhibition
Thu 16 Apr to Sun 3 May, 11am to 7pm at The Annexe Gallery

The Light Show 2009 presents an assortment of lights and light installations made from recycled/found objects to humour, cajole and inspire. 

events-lightshow-annexeInspired and motivated by their respective interests and disciplines, the participants of TLS09 are bound by the commitment to be “greener” and kinder to our environment. And who says green can’t be beautiful?

From PET bottles to milk cartons, plastic shopping bags to drinking straws, phased out incandescent light bulbs to old-skool cola bottles, these everyday materials have been rescued, re-used and re-imagined as light sculptures inspired by marine life-forms, whimsical one-off items, useful objects and many more.

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