lat exhibition at BSC aug 09
It was my second visit of the exhibition today, and I forgot my camera once again. I should come a third time…Is this a LAT’s syndrome?

I just want to share with you what could be a “cultural fact”.  The exhibition displays several 3D puzzles with some of the famous LAT’s characters. The visitors can play with them and create their own funny characters : one’s head, the second’s body and the third’s legs – I know it would have be easier to visualized with a picture, but it’s a good exercise for your imagination-. Like a child, I like to play with this kind of puzzle, and of course I did my own blend. I realized that soon after, somebody – I guess one of the security guard or one of the guy on duty at the exhibition booth – put back the characters in the proper order – neatly.

Today, I noticed that each puzzle was properly done, and I did not noticed anyone daring to play with. I will hide behind something to find  out what does it mean. Is this a lack of creation, of expression, of initiative ??

Any way, I knew about 80 % of the cartoons on display and I’ve laughed  to 100% of them. And I am not Malaysian.

Come and have a good time : laugh is good for your health. 

Too bad that they dont’ sell any of the Kampung Boy series.

LAT bring back memories, New Straits Time on line 19 August 09

New Straits Time LAT’s gallery at