Who are they and what they do

Outskirt Outreach (OO) is a social organization located in Ipoh, Perak. Run by volunteers, OO’s objectives are to highlight and help the hidden indigenous communities of Perak and contribute to the local rural economy.Since we know a bit about the nice places around Ipoh, we figured we could raise funds by organising trips for visitors who want an insider’s account. Like a local friend”, explained Casey Ng, OO’s founder. He started OO a few years ago when he returned to Ipoh, his hometown, to help his father with his business.I met Casey Ng during one of our family exploring-Malaysia week-ends in one of the Ipoh coffee-shops where you can drink delicious white coffee. From the one hour discussion, I am convinced that we share some key points about responsible eco-tourism: OO promotes nature conservation, cross-cultural experiences and homestays in Orang Asli villages. They contribute to the local economy by hiring Orang Asli guides and encouraging the travellers to spend their money locally.

oo-white-coffeeUnfortunately, I could not experience one of OO’s tours that day. Before I do, I think it is worth writing a post about OO and sharing the link because it provides really accurate and useful information about Ipoh and Perak’s heritage, cultural and natural places and indigenous communities. This you will never find in any existing travel guide book (as far as I know).

What a traveler can experience

  • Take the path less ordinary with OO and go for a guided Nature, Adventure and History Outdoor trip. They are suitable for and adaptable to any open-minded traveler, families, youth adventurers, urbanites as well as naturalists, bird watchers, photographers, for individuals or small groups (it is better if there are less than 10pax).
  • Volunteer with OO: if you have a special skill or knowledge which you think would be useful for OO, contact them directly to be part of their volunteer team.
  • Drop your guide-book and immerse yourself into OO’s website – yes it is prolific – but it provides useful information with maps and illustrations. It’s updated at least once a week (I don’t know where Casey finds the time to write all these posts).


oo-old-chinese-houseCasey Ng , mobile (+60) 19 571 7008
Location No 9 Persiaran Ind Bercham 9, Kawasan Perindustrian Ringan Bercham, 31400 Ipoh, Kinta Valley
Telephone . (+60) 5 54 21 006 Fax (+60) 5 54 21 008
Skype ID  adven7u
Email outskirtoutreach@gmail.com cc travelscenes@yahoo.com.my

How to get there

You need to go to Ipoh, then arrange to meet Casey or one if the OO team members in one of the nice coffee shops downtown where you can have a white coffee and a kaya toast.

  • By train: from KL Sentral train station take one of the KLS-Ipoh trains. Check the KTBM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad) website for the route map, timetables and fares at http://www.ktmb.com.my.
  • By bus: there are a number of buses that leave for Ipoh, but not I have not yet found a website that provides a list of companies, timetables and fares. If any of you have the information and have experienced the journey by coach, please share it with us at greenselipar@gmail.com. More details are available on OO’s website http://outskirtoutreach.org/medan-gopeng-ipoh-bus-station-the-bus-hub-illustrated-in-pictures/
  • By car from KL or Penang it is about a 2-3hour drive on the expressway E1.

To go further we recommend

The Center for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC) website provides information and commentary on the Orang Asli.
“The Harmony Silk Factory”, Tash Aw, 2005, fiction : the story of Johnny Lim, a Chinese-Malaysian man during and after World War II, adventures, love and betrayals through the Kinta Valley. http://tash-aw.com/aboutharmony.html
Evening is the whole day”, Preeta Samarasan, 2008, fiction : the hopes and dreams of a Indian immigrant family living in Gopeng caught up in Malaysia’s troubled post-colonial history.

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Written by C.Bossis, Kuala Lumpur, 15 january 09
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