Who are they and what they do

Pro-Eco Adventure (PEA) is a private company that offers nature adventure tours throughout the Malaysian Peninsula and offers activities that allow you to discover Malaysian culture and traditions.

Annie Le Mens and Stephen Sequerah who started PEA in February 2006 are two camping-in-the-jungle lovers. Both share the same interest – and passion – for trekking in remote wild areas of the Malaysian forest to meet Orang Asli, (the original inhabitants of the peninsular‘s rainforest) and to observe wildlife and fauna. They met during a camping weekend in one such remote Malaysian jungle a few years ago and became close friends. The idea of PEA grew slowly from their willingness to share this unbeaten path with others. They first tested their tours on their own friends and family before extending the experience to the Kuala Lumpur expat community. “Stephen has friends in almost any village in the peninsula, it’s unbelievable, and he knows his own country deeply. As a French expatriate I would understand the expectation of the occidental tourist. We are complementary and we are lucky to work from our passion and enjoy so much sharing it with others”, says Annie.Stephen and Annie are aware of eco and responsible tourism and are currently working on improving themselves. Here are their first steps.


Traveler-friendly: PEA tours and packages are designed for individuals or groups under 10 pax and are suitable for all ages. Travelers will appreciate natural pristine areas, efficient and friendly staff (drivers, nature guides). The best is done to guarantee safety and comfort (good camping equipment is provided); high attention is given to the quality and diversity of the food provided. Tours are not cheap and the only stars in the accommodation are in the sky.

Community friendly-tours: PEA tours contribute to local communities: local food is purchased as far as possible during the tours, sometimes you can have a meal in somebody’s house, Arang Asli are hired to help set up camp or as guides in the forest. Sharing food or accommodation with people, even with no common language is a contribution of pride as well as an additional income to local communities.

Nature-Friendly: Definitely no waste is left over after PEA camps; efforts are made to reduce water consumption with water in tanks instead of plastic bottles (water is distributed into individual bottles either brought by the guest or provided by PEA); natural shampoo and shower gel are provided to the guests to reduce the river pollution; and non-disposable material is used for picnics and camps.

What about using 4X4 wheels vehicles to reach remote areas? This part has a rather negative impact on the environment (high petrol consumption, noise, dirt road erosion, etc) and it can disturb the Orang Asli way of life. If travelers could agree to spend more time exploring these remote places, maybe the 4X4 could be left in the garage? Could it be possible to have an option without 4X4 vehicles?


 Cultural discovery: You are sure to get off the beaten track when travelling with PEA. They go where not many people go (this is why they bring their tents) and by spending time with local people you are sure to get close to real local culture. Maybe there won’t be dance performances or blowpipes to try, but a more authentic discovery of every day life in the village or in the jungle.

What a traveller can experience

Experience life in the jungle without getting lost : PEA provides packages from 1 to 4 days with different kinds of accommodation (camping, dormitory or Orang Asli houses). Camping equipment and transportation are provided as well as food.

Enjoy back-to-nature activities like agrotourism, fishing, jungle discovery. PEA can arrange tailor- made tours for individuals, travellers, companies, ladies’ groups, schools, etc.


Stephen Sequerah : +60 12 755 1775 (English, Malay)    Annie Le Mens : +60 16 902 6576 (English, French)

Email : enquiry@proecoadventure.com.my

Pro Eco Adventure website : http://www.proecoadventure.com.my

Location Office : 54-2 Jalan Mamanda 9, Ampang Point, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

Tel. (+60) 342 51 3900 Fax :  (+60) 342 51 2900

How to get there

No need to worry, you can arrange to be picked up at your hotel in Kuala Lumpur or decide on a convenient meeting point.

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